Where is Python in the scheme of things?

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.us
Thu Oct 5 01:03:38 CEST 2006

In article <82VUg.8549$Go3.4509 at dukeread05>, hg  <hg at nospam.com> wrote:
>Code in Python and decide for yourself ... but again, nowadays, you're
>to compare with C#, VB ... if you want to be in; that is.

One of the points that's important to make is that "decide for
yourself" means something different for Python.  With proprietary
development environments, or Java, it can typically take days or
weeks to pull together enough of a configuration to begin to 
understand the language.  It is typical for utter beginners to
start with Python and, in a few hours, to begin to "get it".

Conclusion:  advice to "try Python for yourself" is apt in a way
the original questioner might not realize.

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