Integration of globalization data in Python web frameworks

GinTon jonas.esp at
Thu Oct 19 20:22:54 CEST 2006

I have created several tables in CSV format with globalization data
(G11n). There are tables for countries, areas, languages, countries &
languages, time zones, phones. And they are licensed under a Creative
Commons license.

I created a new discussion group in order to facilitate the integration
of G11n data in any framework. It's focused on integrate it on Django
and TurboGears, but it could be integrated in whatever application with
the help of the discussions on this group.

It's necessary to discuss several subjects before beginning with the
integration in the web frameworks. So I ask your collaboration. Thanks!

P.S.: I hope that you don't see this post as SPAM. This is something
very interesting for administrators and users of those web frameworks.

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