Help: Python2.3 & Python2.4 on RHEL4 x86_64

Christopher Taylor chtaylo3 at
Tue Oct 24 19:55:15 CEST 2006

> I personally think this is a bug in AMD64-Linux. Libraries should
> be stored in /usr/lib, binaries in /usr/bin, etc. If they need
> simultaneous installation of 32-bit binaries for compatibility,
> they should store them in architecture-specific directories.

I disagree. From what I see, the error, as far as python is
considered, is not being able to specify the location where libs are
put, despite the fact that the --LIBDIR=  option is listed.   It just
happens to manifest itself in AMD64/EM64T Linux, specifically RH linux
where 64bit libs are put in /usr/lib64 and 32bit libs in /usr/lib.

> The x86_64 community has been using Python for a while, and
> apparently has solved this problem already. You should try
> to find out how they did it.

Where might I go to look on how to get this working?

Christopher Taylor

P.S.  I posted on python-dev and I haven't seen my post show up yet,
nor any responces .... is that list moderated?

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