python GUIs comparison (want)

Christophe chris.cavalaria at
Tue Oct 24 18:16:26 CEST 2006

Kevin Walzer a écrit :
> jiang.haiyun at wrote:
>> Now i began to learn GUI programming. There are so many
>> choices of GUI in the python world, wxPython, pyGTK, PyQT,
>> Tkinter, .etc, it's difficult for a novice to decide, however.
>> Can you draw a comparison among them on easy coding, pythonish design,
>> beautiful and generous looking, powerful development toolkit, and
>> sufficient documentation, .etc.
>> It's helpful for a GUI beginner.
>> Thank you.
>> :)Sorry for my poor english.
> Tkinter:
> Pro: Default GUI library for Python; stable; well-supported
> Con: Needs extension for complex/rich GUI's; core widgets are dated in
> look and feel; many modern extensions in Tcl/Tk have not made it into
> Tkinter or are not widely used (Tile, Tablelist)
Also, the Tkinter API is far less elegant than the others.

> wxPython:
> Pro: Popular, actively developed, wraps native widgets, looks great on
> Windows, commercial-friendly license
> Con: Based on C++ toolkit; docs assume knowledge of C++; some think
> coding style is too much like C++; complex to build and deploy on Linux
>  (wraps Gtk)
See PyQt remarks. And I would add that the coding style is too much like 
MFC and Win32 as a con.

> PyQt:
> Pro: Powerful, cross-platform, sophisticated GUI's
> Con: Based on C++ toolkit; docs assume knowledge of C++; commercial
> deployment is expensive; free deployment must be GPL; smaller
> development and user community than wxPython
Since when is "based on C++ toolkit" a con?

> PyGtk:
> Pro: Sophisticated GUI's, cross-platform (Linux and Win32); very popular
> on some platforms; active development community
> Con: Not native on OS X

You forgot that it is rather buggy on Win32 ( in my experience )

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