wing ide vs. komodo?

Sandra-24 sandravandale at
Sat Oct 14 02:07:56 CEST 2006

John Salerno wrote:
> Just curious what users of the two big commercial IDEs think of them
> compared to one another (if you've used both).
> Wing IDE looks a lot nicer and fuller featured in the screenshots, but a
> glance at the feature list shows that the "personal" version doesn't
> even support code folding! That's a little ridiculous and makes me have
> doubts about it.

Well I don't know about the personal edition, but I've used Komodo and
Wing, and I must say that I chose Wing in the end because it's debugger
is so much more robust than komodo. I tried remote debugging mod_python
using komodo, and it just choked. I spent a week trying to get it to
work. Wing, on the other hand, just worked. I have only the highest
praise for the Wing IDE Debugger, once you get to know it, it's so much
more powerful than Komodo's. The time saved over Komodo was well worth
the money for the professional edition.


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