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Wed Oct 25 15:33:24 CEST 2006

Paul Boddie wrote:

"""The figures behind the scenes are quite enlightening for that
particular page. If you (or community experiences) don't agree with the

rankings (wxPython apparently even easier to learn than PythonCard and
Tinder, a bunch of Gtk-based toolkits having more or less "full" Linux
scores) then you'll have some surprises, I'm sure. Nevertheless, it's
an interesting concept. """

Well, I don't know what I was thinking, exactly, when I rated
PythonCard's ease of I went back and changed it to rate it a
lot higher. The ratings in this script were done a long time ago now
and I need to re-do them, and add some new categories to rate also.
Maybe this weekend...

I have been thinking about doing a new version of this script that
allows visitors to the web site to enter their own ratings for each GUI
toolkit, for each criterion, store them by CGI and calculate a running
average of the ratings, maybe eliminating the very extreme high and low
scores to weed out spam, etc. Then, a visitor could use an online
script with each GUI toolkit rated by the "community" for each
criterion. I could do the same for Python IDE's, web frameworks, etc.

Still, these would still be toys and not to be taken too seriously, but
I might do it as a little project nonetheless.

Concerning GUI toolkits, I find myself coming back to Tkinter these
days. A lot of Python programs are written using Tkinter. I like to
fool around with a lot of the old stuff on the web for free,
miscellaneous apps and such, and there are still more Tkinter GUI's out
there than anything else.

Recently I have been having fun figuring out which new phone to buy. I
decided to get a smart phone that could run Python. If I lived in
Europe, or anywhere GSM rules, one of the Nokia series 60 would be a no
-brainer. But here in the USA, I will probably will wind up getting a
Windows based model.

Guess what: Folks have Tkinter up and running on Pocket PC's and
smartphones. I like that. Tkinter is everywhere. Don't forget, the
Komodo IDE has a Tk based GUI builder.

Just my 2 cents worth...

Ron Stephens

P.S. There is a 3 hour lecture by Dr. Sergio Rey of San Diego St. U. I
am putting up as a podcast. He teaches a course in Python in the
graduate department of Geographical Sciences. Python is heavily used in
that field of study (as is Tkinter).

The lecture is in 2 parts. Sound quality is excellent. <a
href="">Tkinter podcasts</a>

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