Tkinter--does anyone use it for sophisticated GUI development?

sturlamolden sturlamolden at
Sat Oct 21 18:13:42 CEST 2006

Wektor wrote:

> wx has also graphical editors like Glade (there is a wxGlade project)
> giving a xml description of a window and its cross platform.

If you are thinking about XRC, then beware that this XML don't solve
any problems, it just creates another. XRC and libglade do not compare.
libglade makes the GUI development easy and the program code clean and
easy to read. XRC makes the GUI development difficult and the program
code convoluted and difficult to read.

Also wxGlade is not GLADE. In particular, wxGlade is unstable and tend
to crash or do stupid things. But if your alternative is to hand-code
the wxPython GUI, then wxGLADE is nevertheless the better option.

> On the other hand its a pity that there isnt much choice in cross
> platform (win mac lin) GUI platforms until now i was a great fan of GTK
> but there isnt a proper port for Mac.

GTK is being ported to Aqua, but the port it is in its early stages.

> Its also a pity that no one didnt do something based on OpenGL with
> python (or maybe im wrong) it could be cool and really cross-platform.

You are wrong. There are PyOpenGL and there is cross-platform GUI and
game development platforms that use it (PyGTK, wxPython, PyGame). There
are also PyOgre, which are more pythonic than using OpenGL directly.

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