Book about database application development?

Kent Johnson kent at
Tue Oct 17 15:33:56 CEST 2006

Wolfgang Keller wrote:
> I know about the existence of MVC. But what I'm actually missing is a nice 
> textbook that teaches how to actually implement it (and other design patterns 
> which are useful for database applications) in a real-world application in a 
> way that leads to non-ridiculous behaviour of the resulting application when 
> it gets actually used.

Maybe you would like Martin Fowler's "Patterns of Enterprise Application 

> Preferrably using a language for the examples that's readable for someone who 
> has learned programming ages ago with Pascal and is now using Python because 
> he _hates_ everything that remotely ressembles to any mutation of 
> C(++/#/Java).

Examples are mostly Java and C#, sorry!


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