[OT] What's the best IDE?

sjdevnull at yahoo.com sjdevnull at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 29 10:28:08 CET 2006

Theerasak Photha wrote:
> I've used Emacs for a long time, but I think I might be going back to
> Vim 7.0 now that they improved the scripting functionality with *real*
> arrays and dicts.

I've been writing all my extensions in python rather than vimscript for
several releases (occasionally it requires some elbow grease, e.g. I
submitted the fixes to let the python interface call functions
returning vim lists/dicts).

> I hate to appeal to popularity, but Vim's
> greater popularity also contributes to higher quality in a number of
> cases

I'd guess emacs is at least a base-10 order of magnitude more popular
than vim for real development (excluding simple "it's already
installed" basic sysadmin stuff); emacs passed vi c. 1990 and hasn't
looked back.

I say that as a hardcore vim user--getting used to modality really
isn't for everyone, though once you do the payoff is high.

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