How to write Smart Python programs?

Raj nrajesh71 at
Wed Oct 11 05:03:12 CEST 2006


We just executed a project with Python using TG. The feedback was to
use more python like programming rather than C style code executed in
Python. The feedback is from a Python purist and for some reasons we
cannot solicity his help.

So we'd like to do is to scrub through the codebase and identify places
where the codebase needs improvement, both from styling as well as
design. Is there any website that can provide me with advanced tips
rather than just tutorials coz thats not of much help.

The project involves:
1. A server module that receives messages from a datalogger to populate
a database
2. A DB access module that interfaces with the UI

The technologies we use are TurboGears, SQLAlchemy, CherryPy, Kid

Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to get involved
in it for $$ (experienced in the tools mentioned above) as well do let
me know. I need help asap as the deadlines are very very short.


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