A suggestion/request for IDEs

Stephen Eilert spedrosa at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 19:17:13 CEST 2006

Tim Chase wrote:
> John Salerno wrote:
> > I apologize for the slightly off-topic nature, but I thought I'd just
> > throw this out there for anyone working on text editors or IDEs with
> > auto-completion.
> Well, Vim7's autocompletion already allows this.  Earlier
> versions of vim also allowed similar behavior, but (AFAIK) didn't
> have a nice way to cancel the suggestion or to accept the
> suggestion without an additional character (or leaving insert
> mode).  In Vim7, you can abort your current ^P/^N completion with
> ^E (to regain just what you typed, minus the current
> completion/suggestion) or you can accept it with ^Y (which won't
> add an extra character), or you can just continue typing to
> accept the completion, and then add the character you typed (such
> as space, period, etc).
> Other editors/IDEs may have similar functionality...
> -tkc

The best IDE's can do is a minor form of autocomplete, considering the
dynamic nature of Python programs.


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