Tracing the execution of scripts?

R. Bernstein rocky at
Fri Oct 27 20:36:23 CEST 2006

Fulvio <fulvio at> writes:
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Delighted to know that.

> On Friday 27 October 2006 17:31, R. Bernstein wrote:
> > pydb ( has a both the ability to trace lines
> I faced several time that pydb stuck without sign of errors. In the other hand 
> Pdb doesn't appear that problem.
> Mostly pydb freeze on long loops.

In version 1.19 (released today), I extended signal handling so that
you can send the program a signal and it will print a stack trace of
where it is and continue. But even before this release, you could
arrange to enter the debugger by sending it a signal. It's possible
something like this might be used help track down the problem in
either pydb or another Python program that seems to be not
responding. On the other hand, use at your own risk - I don't
guarentee this will work for you.

And.. before you ask for more details, I'll repeat what someone else
posted in response to another of your questions:

  I guess you've been told to read this here, but just in case it
  wasn't, or you didn't bother to read it:

> It might be some problem on my setup, I'll check it up...

Given your other posts, that's quite possible. If it's not, submit a
bug report. (Posting to c.l.r isn't the same as submitting a bug
report). Thanks.

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