Open Source?

Nick Vatamaniuc vatamane at
Mon Oct 30 05:38:43 CET 2006

You can always start with  open source.  Find a project that you really
like based on Python, and get involved -- look at the source, create
add-ons, fix bugs. This way you get to learn, and you get to contribute
and help others out as well. After a while you will have under your
belt and perhaps it will be easier to find a job.

Mind you, a lot of place are still looking for C/C++, Java and, oh the
horror... COBOL!  Sadly Python is still mostly on the "it's nice to
know but not required category"...

-Nick V.

ArdPy wrote:
> Hi there, these days I am desperately searching everywhere on the
> Internet for part time python jobs. The reason is I want to get
> actively involved with python programming and get some practical
> exposure. Please help me in whatever way you can.

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