__init__ style questions

Will McGugan will at willmcgugan.com
Mon Oct 2 14:25:00 CEST 2006

Duncan Booth wrote:
> Yes, it would, although since the implication is that your class expected
> numbers and the file iterator returns strings I'm not sure how much it
> matters: you are still going to have to write more code than in your
> example above. e.g.
>    v1 = Vector3D(float(n) for n in itertools.islice(f, 3))
> or with my variant:
>    v1 = Vector3D(*(float(n) for n in itertools.islice(f, 3)))

The generator expression wouldnt really be neccesary since the
constructor converts the iterated values to floats.

But! I understand your objection. It doesn't quite fit with 'explicit
is better than implicit'. Im just debating the trade-off with catching
foolish mistakes and making it easier to use for beginners.


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