Memory Management in python 2.5

Max M maxm at
Mon Oct 9 11:07:34 CEST 2006

cesar.ortiz at skrev:
> Hi, I am starting to have a look to a python program that does not free
> memory (I am using python 2.4.3). As I have read about a new memory
> management in python 2.5 ( I
> decided to try the program with the new version.
> With the new version of python the memory consumption is the same. Now
> I am asking myself if  python 2.5 has any improving  in memory
> management or maybe not yet. Thank you.

In previous versions Python collected memory, but never released it 
again. It simply kept on to it, so it could reuse it again later.

 From 2.5 onwards it should release most of the unused memory. However 
it doesn't use less memory. The peak memory usage should be the same as 
before. So for one-off programs that starts up and runs once, there 
should not be much gain.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
IT's Mad Science

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