How to write Smart Python programs?

Bruno Desthuilliers onurb at xiludom.gro
Wed Oct 11 10:40:50 CEST 2006

Raj wrote:
> Hi,
> We just executed a project with Python using TG. The feedback was to
> use more python like programming rather than C style code executed in
> Python. The feedback is from a Python purist and for some reasons we
> cannot solicity his help.
> So we'd like to do is to scrub through the codebase and identify places
> where the codebase needs improvement, both from styling as well as
> design. Is there any website that can provide me with advanced tips
> rather than just tutorials coz thats not of much help.

Googling for "python is not java" may be a good start. Also, here are 2
common C-style smells:

1/ using explicit indexing instead of iteration:

C-smell :
for i in range(len(seq)):

for item in seq:

# or if you need the index too:
for i, item in enumerate(seq):
  do_something_with(i, item)

2/ functions that returns a status code and modify their arguments. The
pythonic way is to have the function return multiple args and raise an
exception if something went wrong

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