Graph Theory

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Thu Oct 5 23:53:05 CEST 2006

diffuser78 at
>I was wondering if you can generate random graph and analyze some
> peroperties of it like clustering coefficient or graph density.

There are many kinds of random graphs, in that Graph lib I have added
few random generators, but you can add many more yourself, it's easy
(Then if you want you can send them back to be added to that lib, if
they are nice). Note that if you want to manage a LOT of nodes/arcs you
can use Boost Graph with Python.

> I am a graph theory student and want to use python for development.

It can be useful for small and medium sized graphs.

> Somebody told me that Python has already so much bultin.


> Are there any visualization tool which would depict the random graph
> generated by the libraries.

Graph exports in two common formats, like Dot and another. NetworkX
probably exports in Dot too. Look for Graphviz. And there is another
famous sofeware for huge graphs too.


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