windev vs python SOS

Ray ray_usenet at
Mon Oct 2 06:34:49 CEST 2006

stéphane bard wrote:
> hello, my boss ask me to prefer windev to python.
> I have to argue
> any idea for a strong argument ?

* WinDev is a virtual unknown outside France. I tried asking a bunch of
colleagues about WinDev just now. Nobody has even heard about it. Prior
to doing Java I was doing Windows development for years--never a single
time I heard about this thing.

This can be much more significant than you think--there's a huge
difference between developing something in a language that has a lot of
websites, books, forum, etc. dedicated to it, and a proprietary IDE. I
developed using a proprietary product I won't name here for about 2
years... the support was horrible, and the product SUCKS big time.

* Python is known world-wide, there are already many books written by
very, very intelligent people--you can "borrow" their brains anytime
through their books. There are many online resources at your fingertips
if you come across a problem. This group is also chock full of very
smart people, some of whom contribute code to Python itself. Wonder how
much do you have to pay WinDev for support?

(If your boss really doesn't like Python, you might as well use Visual
Basic, since it has a lot of free resources, Microsoft newsgroups, and
so on.)

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