Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Oct 4 04:12:05 CEST 2006

Paul Rubin wrote:
> "Istvan Albert" <istvan.albert at> writes:
>>But this will definitely not happen over a short period of time and
>>even in the worst case scenario there will be a few years in which the
>>development can take place in an awesome environment. I've looked at
>>the JIRA demo, and wow, it really seems like an amazingly cool way to
>>do software development.
> Well, what's so cool about it?  Most large free software projects seem
> to use Bugzilla.  I'd never looked at the Bugzilla code but from
> descriptions here it now sounds like the situation with CVS as of a
> few years ago.  Maybe it's time for a rewrite/replacement, a la
> darcs/SVN/whatever.

Please feel free to go right ahead. Should be ready n a month or twelve ...

Like others I have my doubts about using commercial products to support 
open source development but the guys who did the evaluation have chosen, 
and I'm not about to second guess them.

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