humble coin head or tail game script I wrote

Camellia breakfastea at
Sat Oct 7 11:00:14 CEST 2006

Steve Holden thank you for your kind words, they pumped me up:)
I don't really know much about TDD however I googled it and found this:
Which is obvious too complicated. However I'll read through it anyway.
Thank you for your advice:)

Ant thank you for pointing that out, I made the little code too
Well, actually this is the simplified version, the first one I did was
list_1 = raw_input()
list_2 = raw_input()
list_10 = raw_input()
and then I found I'm doing the computer's work...

Thanks for all the kind people here

Steve Holden wrote:
> Camellia wrote:
> > Oh I get it and ashamed, thank you for explaining it to me:)
> >
> > so I sould:
> > ini_guess=random.randrange(2)
> > ....
> > for item in  list:
> >     if item=='h':
> >         ...
> >     if item ==t':
> >         ...
> >
> Welcome to programming. You have learned, as many thousands have learned
> before you, how easy it is to assume correct behaviour in something that
> is, in fact, wrong. Those with an aptitude for the task accept with
> humility (no need for shame, though, as inexperience is a valid excuse)
> that they will continue to make errors they do not see.
> Your response to the corrections you received implies you have a future
> as a programmer!
> You might also want to do some reading about test-driven development,
> which can save some time hunting obscure bugs.
> regards
>   Steve
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