humble coin head or tail game script I wrote

Camellia breakfastea at
Fri Oct 6 20:05:09 CEST 2006

Hi there this is an easy game which was inspired from my psychology

I'll get 5/10 right prediction of your guess of head and tail at most
If you could copy the code and run it that would be great:)

# Head or Tail
# Get a list which contains 10 values from the user
# let them predict Head Or Tail in ten times coin thrown
# and then prdict the list by a fixed rule

list = []

print 'Predict Head or Tail in ten times coin thrown\nJust input \'h\'
or \'t\' please\n'

count = 0
while True:
    count += 1
    print '\nNo.', count, ', h or t? '
    pre_user = raw_input()
    while pre_user != 'h' and pre_user != 't':
        print '\njust enter \'h\' or \'t\' please'
        print '\nNo.', count, ', h or t? '
        pre_user = raw_input()
    if count == 10:

correct = 0
import random
ini_guess = random.randrange(1)
list_guess = ['t', 'h']
ini_guess = list_guess[ini_guess]
# generate random initial guess
for item in list:
    if item == ini_guess:
        correct += 1
    elif item == 'h':
        ini_guess = 't'
    elif item == 't':
        ini_guess == 'h'

print '\n\nI got', correct, 'out of 10 correct.'

raw_input('press enter to exit')

I know it looks stupid, but it's fun:)


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