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Wed Oct 11 05:49:01 CEST 2006

Peter Maas wrote:
> Bruno Desthuilliers schrieb:
>  > Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch wrote:
>  > (snip)
>  >   Python itself is a RAD tool.
>  >
>  > +1 QOTW
> No, please stop self-assuring, self-pleasing QOTWs! This afternoon
> I was in the local book warehouse and went to the computer book
> department. They had banned 2-3 Python books together with some
> Perl- and C/C++ stuff into the last row. At the regular place I found
> a huge pile of Java books and - in comparison to Java - a small but
> growing number of books about Ruby in general, Ruby on Rails and -
> new to me - JRuby.
> Now I don't think that Ruby is a bad language. But I think Python is
> better and it started earlier. I don't know whether Ruby on Rails was
> a fluke or the result of clever analysis. Since a large part of
> programming is web programming it is not bad to have a good and visible
> tool in place to attract programmers. It is also a good idea to hook on
> Java's success but while Jython 2.2 is in alpha state since 3 years I
> see an increasing number of books/articles telling how to migrate from
> Java to (J)Ruby. Since I started using Python 4 years ago I hear Ruby
> people announce with an amazing audacitiy that Ruby is bound to be number
> one and will for sure leave Python behind.
> To prevent this to happen parts of the Python community should have a
> more critical attitude to the language. Too often I hear the same
> mantras being repeated over and over again (GIL, self, IDE etc.). I
> don't say these mantras are all wrong but perhaps it would be good to
> remove the GIL just to stop people talking about Python's lack of
> multi-threading or polish Python's class syntax to stop people talking
> about Python's OO being bolted on etc. Programmers often choose their
> languages by very silly reasoning (silliest being the indentation issue)
> and maybe we should take the silliness into account instead of laughing
> about those silly folks.
> I for my part would be happy to see a Delphi-like RAD tool for Python,
> a reference implementation for web programming as part of the standard
> library, Jython 2.5, Python for PHP or whatever attracts new programmers.
> Peter Maas, Aachen

well said.

Based on a comment in this thread, I've just detected this one:

BSD2 licensed, so it's very attractive as a foundation for a

_very_ interesting stuff, i've placed in on the list for a later


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