socket client server... simple example... not working...

Bryan Olson fakeaddress at
Fri Oct 6 08:02:48 CEST 2006

SpreadTooThin wrote:
> Jean-Paul many thanks for this and your effort.
> but why is it every time I try to do something with 'stock' python I
> need another package?

Twisted has it's fan, but you don't "need" it. Your code had a few
specific problems, and fixing them has little or nothing to do with

> By the time I've finished my project there are like 5 3rd party add-ons
> to be installed.
> I know I'm a python newbie... but I'm far from a developer newbie and
> that can be a recipe for
> disaster.  The stock socket should work and I think I've missed an
> obvious bug in the code other
> than checking the return status.

Obviously you wanted to recv() on your 'clientsocket' not your 
'seversocket'. You can use sendall() to send all the given data;
it will raise an exception if it fails so there's no return code to
check. Since TCP is a stream protocol and does not have any concept
of message boundaries, you'll need to delimit messages within your
protocol, and call recv() until you have an entire message.


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