Cannot force configure/ to pick up location of readline (SFWrline) on Solaris 10

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Sun Oct 15 16:39:19 CEST 2006

Chris Miles schrieb:
> I hope this process can be improved, and if I have time I'll look at why
> make fails half way but works fine when kicked off a second time.

You need to use GNU make for that to work. The build regenerates the
makefile, but Sun make doesn't recognize the change. There was a message
telling you so.

GNU make will see that the makefile was rebuilt, and re-read it before

> I'd like to get /opt/sfw/ added to the standard lib/include path for
> Solaris (10 at least) as this is where Sun's open-source packages get
> installed.  Is this just a matter of raising a ticket?

Not easily - resolving this might take months or years. If you provide
a well-engineered patch, chances that Python changes are much higher.

Also, your original complaint wasn't that readline isn't considered,
but that didn't find it even though configure did. A patch
fixing that has a higher chance of being accepted than a patch adding
/opt/sfw to the standard search path (which is really a decision
Sun should take, not the Python maintainers - in absence of a Sun
change, it's then the local administrator who decides).


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