distutils:permissions problems

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Oct 10 00:50:46 CEST 2006

Eric S. Johansson schrieb:
> The problem is that, because of a quirk (or misfeature) of VM Ware
> shared filesystem, all of the directories and files are owned by root
> with a 700 permissions.  When I run setup.py install, they are installed
> as root with 700 permissions.  How can I alter the behavior of distutils
> so that my modules could be installed with a more useful user and
> permissions?

I recommend to change the permissions after the files have been
installed. If you absolutely have to change setup.py, you should inherit
from the install_lib and install_scripts commands, and either override
the "install" method to install using a different umask, or you should
look at the get_outputs() result of the command, and modify the files
after they got installed.

You might also try changing your umask.


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