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> > I don't see anything wrong with those lines. Try printing pullerList
> >before the loop, to see exactly its contents.
> >
>Yea, I have been printing what is in pullerList before and it shows 
>the four lines(i.e PATCH_NUMBER, BUG_NUMBER, etc) with the values 
>after it. One thing I notice is that using CVS, when the information 
>is pulled from the commit message, it puts all of those lines into 
>pullerList[0] index, so if I did pullerList[1] to try to get the 
>second line it gives me index out of range, because everything is in 
>index spot 0. So that is why we have to do line.split thing. When I 
>run it in debugger it does split the lines the variable ov shows 
>that it has the contents of overview in it, but just wont print it 
>to the file:(

Use print repr(something) when you want to see its contents.
For a list, in python, you'll get something like that:
That is, some items separated by commas and enclosed in []
If you get something different then pullerList is NOT what you expect 
it to be - and you'll have to figure out what happened to it, usually 
looking at where it comes from.
For example, if you get it from a file -I think this is the case- and 
you want each line from the file in each list element, use 
file.readlines(). If you read the file as a whole (that is, using you'll get something like 'one\ntwo\nthree\n'
As I said before, make sure your script works fine testing it 
*alone*, after then, try it with CVSNT. If it doesnt work, maybe what 
you get is not what you expect it to be - use print repr(...) to see 
what's your input.

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