How to access file last modified dates on each file in a directory

Praveen mpraveenreddy at
Sun Oct 29 22:55:59 EST 2006

I hope this sample code helps

def getfileinfo(filename):
	print 'Filename : %s' % filename
	stats = os.stat(filename)
	size = stats[stat.ST_SIZE]
	print 'File Size is %d bytes' % size

	accessed = stats[stat.ST_ATIME]
	modified = stats[stat.ST_MTIME]

	print 'Last accessed: ' + time.ctime(accessed)
	print 'Last modified: ' + time.ctime(modified)


On Oct 30, 8:00 am, RAMohrm... at wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am attempting to view all files in a directory and if those files
> have not been modified within the last couple days I will remove them.
> In order to do this I need to look at the file date modied and check
> the date. I know how to look at each file name and I know how to remove
> the file. I just can't figure out how to get access to the date last
> modifed filed. Below is how I intend to access the file names in the
> directory.
> >>> import os,time,sys
> >>> cachedirectory="c:\\informatica\\cache\\"
> >>> v_filename_array=os.listdir(cachedirectory)
> >>> x_len=len(v_filename_array)v_filename_array[0] = first file name
> v_filename_array[1] - second file name
> Thanks'
> Rich

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