Need array help

John Henry john106henry at
Fri Oct 6 20:05:37 CEST 2006

Others posted answer to your question.

If you are serious about programming in Python, I highly recommend that
you don't try to think in terms of "I did this in Visual Basic, how do
I do this in Python".   You'll end up with Python code that are nothing
but a VB look alike.   As recommended by others, go througth the
tutorial.  It will be time well spent.

Marion Long Jr wrote:
> I am switching from microsoft visual basic programming to python
> programming. In microsoft
> visual basic you can Dim a variable so that you can add variables by
> changing the number
> on the end of the variable as in the following example;
> Dim acct(100)
> numoffiles=4
> data=10
> ct=1
> while ct <> numoffiles
> acctfile(ct) = data
> ct= ct + 1
> data= data + ct
> Wend
> The results are;
> acctfile(1)=10
> acctfile(2)=12
> acctfile(3)=15
> And you can compare the values of the new variables;
> if acctfile(1) > acctfile(2) then print "yes"
> if acctfile(2) > acctfile(1) then print "yes"
> when I try to create acctfile(ct) = data I get the following error;
> ***can't assign to function call. Then it gives the program line of the
> problem
> Here is the progam in python;
> numoffiles=4
> data=10
> ct=1
> while ct != numoffiles:
>     acctfile(ct) =data
>     ct += 1
>     data= data + ct
>     print acctfile(ct)
> Does anybody know how this is done in Python?

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