IDE that uses an external editor?

Nick Craig-Wood nick at
Mon Oct 16 10:30:11 CEST 2006

Jorge Godoy <jgodoy at> wrote:
>  Eclipse: just a GUI over a subset of Emacs today.


>  One day, when it evolves, it will be something interesting...  I
>  won't give up on Emacs loading fast

I never thought I'd live to see emacs being quoted as loading fast!
It really is fast compared to Eclipse though.

  "E"ight(y) "M"egs "A"nd "C"onstantly "S"wapping

Trouble is is that Eclipse is Eight-Hundred Megs ;-)

This message written in emacs, which I love dearly and have spent the
last 10 years mastering!  I did try Eclipse but I found it too slow
and clunky and there was far too much GUI (I like my whole screen to
be the file I'm editing).

Attempting to bring this discussion back on topic: Emacs has a few
python modes also.  There is the basic python-mode which does
everything expected of a major-mode.  Syntax colouring, indentation
that sort of thing.  There is also IM-Python for code navigation, and
bycycle repair man for refactoring support.  You can run stuff at the
interactive python prompt from within emacs.

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