How to coerce a list of vars into a new type?

Matthew Wilson matt at
Mon Oct 2 16:53:10 CEST 2006

I want to verify that three parameters can all be converted into
integers, but I don't want to modify the parameters themselves.

This seems to work:

    def f(a, b, c):

        a, b, c = [int(x) for x in (a, b, c)]

Originally, I had a bunch of assert isinstance(a, int) statements at the
top of my code, but I decided that I would rather just check if the
parameters can be converted into integers.

The new a, b, and c are all different objects, with different id values.
Anyhow, this all seems like black magic to me.  Can anyone explain what
is going on?

Is it as simple as call-by-value?

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