Integration of globalization data in Python web frameworks

GinTon jonas.esp at
Fri Oct 20 15:04:02 CEST 2006

The project web is activated

GinTon wrote:
> I have created several tables in CSV format with globalization data
> (G11n). There are tables for countries, areas, languages, countries &
> languages, time zones, phones. And they are licensed under a Creative
> Commons license.
> I created a new discussion group in order to facilitate the integration
> of G11n data in any framework. It's focused on integrate it on Django
> and TurboGears, but it could be integrated in whatever application with
> the help of the discussions on this group.
> It's necessary to discuss several subjects before beginning with the
> integration in the web frameworks. So I ask your collaboration. Thanks!
> P.S.: I hope that you don't see this post as SPAM. This is something
> very interesting for administrators and users of those web frameworks.

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