IDLE won't run

Rob luweewu at
Thu Oct 12 22:48:35 CEST 2006

hg <hg at> banged out in news:gOwXg.22925$Go3.14764 at dukeread05:

> What kind of error do you see by calling idle from the command line
> (ex: 
>  "c:\....\python.exe c:\....\"

When I ran it that way, I got a raft of warnings about a "problem 
retrieving theme element 'builtin-forground'" from the colour theme that I 
had set up, then IDLE actually came up. After deleting my colour theme, I 
tried running IDLE in the usual manner (via the shortcut or by opening a 
.PY file in it), and it worked.

(It's rather curious that, even after uninstalling version 2.4.3 
completely, my theme was preserved when I installed 2.5.)

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