ANN: wxPython

John Salerno johnjsal at
Thu Oct 26 22:54:10 CEST 2006

robert wrote:
> Robin Dunn wrote:
>> Announcing
>> ----------
>> The release of wxPython is now available for download at
>>  This release is a yet another
>> quick-turnaround bugfix release designed to solve some problems, plust
>> some minor enhancements.  This will likely be the last 2.7.1.x
>> release.  Source and binaries are available for both Python 2.4 and
>> 2.5 for Windows and Mac, as well some pacakges for varous Linux
>> distributions.  A summary of changes is listed below and also at
> See py2.3 is still supported for Mac.  I'd like a py2.3 version for 
> Windows still :cry-baby:
> -robert

You want Python 2.3 for Windows?

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