Tkinter--does anyone use it for sophisticated GUI development?

Wektor wektorian at
Sun Oct 22 12:28:58 CEST 2006

sturlamolden wrote:
> > Its also a pity that no one didnt do something based on OpenGL with
> > python (or maybe im wrong) it could be cool and really cross-platform.
> You are wrong. There are PyOpenGL and there is cross-platform GUI and
> game development platforms that use it (PyGTK, wxPython, PyGame). There
> are also PyOgre, which are more pythonic than using OpenGL directly.

I ment in the GUI context , a widget-based api where you can put
buttons, labels etc. on a form.
Not an advanced 3D stuff which is useless for such application.
Something like :
and sdl based

but none have Python support (or again maybe im wrong)

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