Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

Paul Rubin http
Sun Oct 8 23:45:29 CEST 2006

skip at writes:
> Which is something SourceForge has yet to learn.  At work we use a system
> called RT (  While it's not perfect, it
> does allow submissions and responses via email.  That feature alone puts it
> miles ahead of SF in my mind.

I'm on the other side--I think spam has destroyed the usefulness of
email as a communications medium and I don't want to depend on
anything having to do with email any more.  I hate the way SF requires
registering an email address and then it emails you every update to
your SF issues.  As a low-intensity user, I sort of tolerate it.  But
if I used SF more, I'd have to direct all the SF email to a spam
bucket and never look at it.  At most I'd want it to send about one
email per week.  But I'd much rather have a personalized RSS feed that
delivers updates about the bugs that I'm following.

I also notice that the PyPy mailing list now delivers mostly spam, so
I've had to direct that to a spam bucket.

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