Reminder re Talk Proposals for PyCon 2007

Jeff Rush jeff at
Sat Oct 7 23:46:24 CEST 2006

October has arrived and the deadline for submitting a proposal to give a talk
at PyCon 2007 is October 31 (November 15 for tutorials).  While it is a PyCon
tradition to wait until the last minute to flood us with submissions, I would
like to encourage presenters to start a bit earlier this year.

We have a new talk (not tutorial) submissions system which lets you interact
with your proposal online, rather than a fire-and-forget
one-chance-to-get-it-right approach.  You'll need to create a user account at:

Then you can post, revise and exchange a few comments with the proposal
reviewers, which can be useful to clarify your talk focus.

And it would be a great show of support, and relieve some stress of the
organizers, if those who are even considering giving a talk would create a
user account in the system.  You can still change your mind, but even a
skeletal proposal that you're pondering giving a talk about XYZ and you're
still working up your outline would be welcome.  It would help us in planning
topic coverage and whether we are reaching certain sectors of the Python

PyCon is community-run and we need the involvement of everyone.  If you
didn't get the talks at previous PyCons you wanted, this is the
chance for you to make your wishes know.  If you can't give a talk, badger
(nicely) members of the relevant technical group to step forward.  Ask for a
talk in your forums.

We have a wiki page of topic idea at:

so add a link and create a subpage that contains the outline of your dream
talk, and then shop it around to find a speaker to give it. ;-)

Jeff Rush
PyCon 2007 Co-Chair
Python: Produce impressive results and have fun too!

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