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Gregor Horvath gh at
Sat Oct 21 13:40:06 CEST 2006

Fulvio schrieb:
> Is there some trick to apply the best search in wise use of resources while 
> using the above said methods?

measure it:

Regarding your debugger question in the seperate thread I don't know
since I am not using a debugger at all.

Most people coming from other languages are looking for a debugger and
are overlooking that in python a interactive interpreter, a good editor,
print statements and the tracebacks are all a lot of python developers need.

Small snippets of code are developed in the interpreter and when they
are working assembled in the editor. If something goes wrong a print on
the suspect place or the traceback is all I need. (of course this is
matter of taste)

  Servus, Gregor

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