Flexable Collating (feedback please)

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Oct 19 00:55:45 CEST 2006

At Wednesday 18/10/2006 03:42, Ron Adam wrote:

>I put together the following module today and would like some feedback on any
>obvious problems.  Or even opinions of weather or not it is a good approach.
>          if self.flag & CAPS_FIRST:
>              s = s.swapcase()

This is just coincidental; it relies on (lowercase)<(uppercase) on 
the locale collating sequence, and I don't see why it should be always so.

>          if self.flag & IGNORE_LEADING_WS:
>              s = s.strip()

This ignores trailing ws too. (lstrip?)

>          if self.flag & NUMERICAL:
>              if self.flag & COMMA_IN_NUMERALS:
>                  rex = 
> re.compile('^(\d*\,?\d*\.?\d*)(\D*)(\d*\,?\d*\.?\d*)',
>              else:
>                  rex = re.compile('^(\d*\.?\d*)(\D*)(\d*\.?\d*)', re.LOCALE)
>              slist = rex.split(s)
>              for i, x in enumerate(slist):
>                  if self.flag & COMMA_IN_NUMERALS:
>                      x = x.replace(',', '')
>                  try:
>                      slist[i] = float(x)
>                  except:
>                      slist[i] = locale.strxfrm(x)
>              return slist
>          return locale.strxfrm(s)

You should try to make this part a bit more generic. If you are 
concerned about locales, do not use "comma" explicitely. In other 
countries 10*100=1.000 - and 1,234 is a fraction between 1 and 2.

>      The NUMERICAL option orders leading and trailing digits as numerals.
>          >>> t = ['a5', 'a40', '4abc', '20abc', 'a10.2', '13.5b', 'b2']
>          >>> collated(t, NUMERICAL)
>          ['4abc', '13.5b', '20abc', 'a5', 'a10.2', 'a40', 'b2']

 From the name "NUMERICAL" I would expect this sorting: b2, 4abc, a5, 
a10.2, 13.5b, 20abc, a40 (that is, sorting as numbers only).
Maybe GROUP_NUMBERS... but I dont like that too much either...

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