Guppy-PE 0.1.5 released

Sverker Nilsson at
Thu Oct 12 22:46:49 CEST 2006

I would like to announce Guppy-PE 0.1.5

Guppy-PE is a library and programming environment for Python,
currently providing in particular the Heapy subsystem, which supports
object and heap memory sizing, profiling and debugging. It also
includes a prototypical specification language, the Guppy Specificaion
Language (GSL), which can be used to formally specify aspects of
Python programs and generate tests and documentation from a common

The current version is updated to work with Python 2.5 (and can still
be used with 2.3 and 2.4). It also has some feature improvements, such
as some shorthand attributes, and a clearer representation of shortest
paths. Bugs have been fixed wrt especially remote monitoring and
making the HTML generated by GSL more standards-compliant. For update
details, see the changelog included with the source code.

License: MIT

For more information and to download the Guppy-PE source code, see:

My master thesis, "Heapy: A Memory Profiler and Debugger for Python"
has now been approved and is available here:

Best regards,

Sverker Nilsson

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