enumerate improvement proposal

Georg Brandl g.brandl-nospam at gmx.net
Sun Oct 29 15:16:05 CET 2006

James Stroud wrote:
> I think that it would be handy for enumerate to behave as such:
> def enumerate(itrbl, start=0, step=1):
>    i = start
>    for it in itrbl:
>      yield (i, it)
>      i += step
> This allows much more flexibility than in the current enumerate, 
> tightens up code in many cases, and seems that it would break no 
> existing code. Yes, I have needed this behavior with enumerate, like 
> tonight and the current example. I put the "step" parameter in for 
> conceptual symmetry with slicing.
> Here is a case use (or is it use case?):

Incidentally, I yesterday wrote a patch giving enumerate() a start parameter
(and, more importantly, changing it so that it doesn't wraparound at 
sys.maxint). It can be found here:



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