http call.

haiyun jiang.haiyun at
Sun Oct 29 02:25:22 CET 2006

Steve Holden 写道:
> Kirt wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I have a php program (test.php) on a server. eg:
>> I need my python scripts to make a http call to these program pass some
>> data and get back a secret key from the php program..
>> Could anyone help me this, what will i need to make a http call to the
>> php application?
> import urllib
> nf = urllib.urlopen('')
> data =
> Should get you started. Look for the "mechanize" and "ClientForm" (?) 
> modules to help with the site interactions. It doesn't matter what 
> language the server uses: you will be talking HTTP to it!
> regards
>  Steve
Use urllib2 library , you can take more control.

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