Where is Python in the scheme of things?

Stephan Kuhagen nospam at domain.tld
Fri Oct 13 07:14:30 CEST 2006

Magnus Lycka wrote:

> I'd suggest that the OP look at the Wikipedia page in Unix
> Philosophy. Read about Gancarz tenets, and replace shell scripts
> with Python. (Of course, Python offers more elaborate communication
> than pipes.) I'd also the link to Joel Spolsky's Biculturalism
> article, and read that.

I fully agree with your posting. I (and I think many people) feel the same
way about commandline and GUI interfaces. Commandline is the way my brain

But what I really wanted to say: a very good reading about the different
types of thinking and culture when comparing commandline and GUI and other
important cultural phenomena using either the "commandline"- or the
GUI-philosophy (e.g. DisneyWorld vs. "the real things") is "In the
beginning was the commandline" from Neal Stephenson. Everybody, who is
interested in the comparison of these different types of thinking and (how
Stephenson says) cultures, find a very good essay about it in this small


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