ZODB: single database, multiple connections

Petra Chong petra.chong at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 13:47:57 CET 2006

> > If I have a Python shell open and run the above two lines, if I run the
> > write process repeatedly, the above "data" object never contains any of
> > the newly added items. To pick them up I have to totally recreate the
> > "db" object.
> You say that like it's hard to do ;-)

It isn't, but this was the problem:

It took 15 seconds to open the database, so I thought that I shouldn't
be recreating the database and should be refreshing it. There is
nothing in the docs that says that the right behaviour is to recreate

However, I then put some debug statements around it (I know, I know, I
could have used profiling) to find out exactly what was taking 15
seconds. Turned out there was some rubbish in the db that shouldn't
have been there. I got rid of it, and now it doesn't take 15 seconds to
recreate the database.

So- I am now recreating the db, and my problem is solved.

> BTW, a better place to ask about ZODB is the zodb-dev list:
>     http://mail.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zodb-dev
> It's not just for developers /of/ ZODB.  Note that you need to
> subscribe to it in order to post to it (that's a heavyweight anti-spam
> gimmick common to all Zope lists).

Thanks for that- it's been hard to track down information on ZODB.



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