Getting a lot of SPAM from this list

Eric S. Johansson esj at
Wed Oct 25 06:55:37 CEST 2006

skip at wrote:
>     Gabriel> I use a discardable email address from Yahoo. Spam filtering is
>     Gabriel> good, and when you get too much spam, just delete that address
>     Gabriel> and create another one.
> Maybe it's just me, but creating and discarding email addresses makes me
> think the spammers have won.  I'd prefer to face them down at high noon.
> Six guns at twenty paces (figuratively speaking, of course).

using a baseball bat to chase them across one or more yellow jackets 
nest work for me.

But to address your issue about spammers having won, I would argue that 
they have.  mailing list archives are cluttered with so much junk 
they're useless, people are losing e-mail they should otherwise get, 
folks are abandoning e-mail addresses rendering contact information on 
webpages and memory useless.

Filters are not the answer.  Filters are actually the problem because 
since they operate on a probabilistic basis, spammers gain more 
visibility by increasing traffic.  Filters improve, volumes go up.

It's gotten so bad, people are making serious plans to introduce 
identity-based systems to authenticate servers and possibly even 
addresses.  What's scary is that this kind of technology can be easily 
abused by various powers to shut down the ability to speak.  Just think 
about the judicial load needed to adjudicate complaints in either direction.

I have a solution that has been working for me for the past three or 
four years.  I'm almost done with the next release (I pray) with a 
better installation process as well as improvements throughout the system.

I'll post the announcement here when things are working.


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