HOST - Assembla Inc. Breakout - Copyright Violation by Mr. Andy Singleton

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Fri Oct 6 05:50:42 EDT 2006

>> No, you should have found a forum where you know that the topic is
>> appropriate -- even if that restricts it to your own website.
> ??? my website is not a forum (and I'm currently reducing it to the
> minimum necessary information.)

You obviously lack the skill to comprehend that a forum isn't meant to 
be a web-forum, but more generally a place where you can express your 
opinions. Which is your website by all means. So, go, restrict yourself 
and voice your private opinions there. Not here.

> and once more: this topic _is_ appropriate for a python / ruby / java
> crosspost.

Why should a private quabble over some neglectable open source 
contributions be of any interest to a community, let alone even three of 

> really very important (if you don't look to much at the subject but the
> message contents).

All that I have seen were some accusations + a few ridiculously small 
subversion entries that showed default parameters changed and the like.

This is on the same level of interest to the communities of python, ruby 
& java as the color of my socks this morning - a deep black with cute 
little skulls imprinted.


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