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Xah Lee xah at xahlee.org
Sun Oct 29 07:24:25 CET 2006

recently on #emacs irc of freenode, there's a discussion of a logo of
planet emacsen site.

I made some comments about such logo:


I have brought this topic here here before... that i think LISP really
need to have a logo. I'm aware of “made with alien technology lisp”
web-badge, but that is a lisp-peddling badge, not a lisp logo proper.

Python, did not really have a logo. I made a plaint more than once in
different periods of times to comp.lang.python. Them tech geeking
morons and assholes, as expected, made irrelevant and incoherent cries.
But look now, Python now has a logo inargurated around 2005, and is a
well-designed one.

For examples (most top quality) logos, see:
(the lambda logo tour)

(the unix pestilence)

(computer language logos)

Again: the primary purpose of this message, is to beseach that the
power-that-be of lispers, seriously think about getting themselves a
official logo. Thanks. 

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