License / Registration key enabled software

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Tue Oct 3 03:06:46 CEST 2006

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> Oh man.  This is going way off topic!!!
> I just wanted to know how license / registration key can be implemented
> in python.  I was not interested in philosophical discussion of why /
> why not one should implement it, whether that business model make
> sense, instead using smartcards, etc. etc.
> I would like to satisfy technical / intellectual curiosity of how it is
> done in python -- so how about returning to the original topic of "How
> can license / registration key be implemented in python?"

I think the question is too broad.  I suspect the broad answer "much the 
same way as in any other language, with adjustments made for the 
peculiarities of Python" will not satisfy you, but a more specific answer 
requires a more specific question, such as "How can a read a printer port 
dongle from Python and is there a cross-platform solution?"

Terry Jan Reedy

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