Attempting to parse free-form ANSI text.

Michael B. Trausch mike$#at^&nospam!%trauschus
Mon Oct 23 18:03:00 EDT 2006

Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Oct 2006 00:34:14 -0400, "Michael B. Trausch"
> <mike$#at^&nospam!%trauschus at> wrote:
>> Alright... I am attempting to find a way to parse ANSI text from a
>> telnet application.  However, I am experiencing a bit of trouble.
>> What I want to do is have all ANSI sequences _removed_ from the output,
>> save for those that manage color codes or text presentation (in short,
>> the ones that are ESC[#m (with additional #s separated by ; characters).
>> The ones that are left, the ones that are the color codes, I want to
>> act on, and remove from the text stream, and display the text.
> may be of some interest.

I am attempting to study this code to see how it does it.  From what I
can see of this thread, it appears to be one of many solutions.
Unfortunately, I am not well-versed in this whole application
programming thing... <g>.  I can do simple things, and am good at web
apps, but this style of things is quite new for me.

Anyway, we'll see what I can get out of that, and maybe I can find the
solution.  Thanks for the pointer!

	-- Mike

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