What's the best IDE?

Adam Jones ajones1 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 21:14:57 CEST 2006

Hakusa at gmail.com wrote:
> Recently I've had some problems with PythonWin when I switched to
> Py2.5, tooka long hiatus, and came back. So now I'm without my god sent
> helper, and I'm looking for a cool replacement, or some advocation to
> reinstall/setup PyWin. But the Python website's list is irrefutably
> long. It would take a month or two to test all of those products. So
> I'm looking for experienced advocates.
> What's your favorite IDE?


> What do you like about it?

It does just about everything. It can edit just about every kind of
code I use, read my mail, connection to irc ... everything. Well,
except order pizza, but I think it might be possible to make that
happen as well.

> It would be fine for a begginer, right?

Probably not. I think you have to spend enough time with environments
that don't let you integrate everything into the editor before you can
really understand why people love emacs (and vi) so much.


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