Python component model

Ed Leafe ed at
Thu Oct 12 03:51:36 CEST 2006

On Oct 10, 2006, at 9:59 PM, Edward Diener No Spam wrote:

> The Visual Studio RAD IDE environment actually modifies source code
> constructors, via an InitializeComponent() function called from it, in
> order to set properties and events in components. It does mark the
> function as such with comments in the source code. OTOH Borland's VCL
> uses the resource file technique you scorn above, linking in the code
> via resources and automatically updating a component's properties and
> events from base class components constructors. I believe Java's JVM
> automatically deserializes .ser files at run-time saved by a RAD
> designer in order to set properties and events on an object of a  
> class.
> There are obviously numerous techniques, so one should theoretically
> work well with Python.

	With Dabo, we've taken what we feel is a 'best of breed' approach.  
The constructors for the various objects are defined in XML-formatted  
files, making them accessible by any editor. The code behind these  
objects is stored in regular .py files, with special comment lines  
that provide the linkage back to the original object definition. So  
you can edit your code in your favorite Python editor, and it all  
just works.

-- Ed Leafe

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